Breaking Down The Cloud: What You Need To Know

Cloud services are used by 94% of enterprises, but how many of them fully understand each cloud service model before…
Focus on Innovation Aug 21, 2018

The True Value of the Cloud: Far More Than Cost Savings

The perceived cost benefits of cloud computing today have many mid-sized companies considering what used to be unthinkable—allowing precious company…
Move to the Cloud Jul 31, 2018

Podcast with CenterGrid’s Kevin Westendorf & comSpark – The Cloud

Brandon Hubbard of comSpark interviews Kevin Westendorf, CTO, CenterGrid July 31, 2018 Brandon Hubbard: We’re here today with Kevin Westendorf with…
Focus on Innovation Jan 31, 2018

Cloud Computing: The Future is Now

Have you made the dive into the cloud? If not, you are missing out. What once seemed like a progressive…
Protect Business Data Dec 29, 2017

How Safe Is Your Data?

It’s a question many CEOs and small business owners would fail to answer. Perhaps the most common response: “The IT…

What Cloud Computing Actually Means for Your Business

New computing technologies have shown the potential to transform enterprises. From established brands to startups, the rise of cloud technology…

Cloud Vs Colocation Vs Managed Hosting

Cloud Vs Colocation Vs Managed Hosting Many people seem to forget that there are other hosting options apart from the…
Protect Business Data May 15, 2017

100 Countries Attacked Over the Weekend

Are you safe from the latest threat? This past weekend will go down in the books as one of the…
Protect Business Data May 12, 2017

Disaster Recovery: Most Important Part of Your Business

Why is disaster recovery so important in 2017? Disaster recovery – specifically in 2017 – has become an integral part…

When downtime is NOT an option

Downtime saps the energy from organizations. Every minute of lost productivity drains revenue. Meanwhile, your competitors forge ahead, leaving you…
Move to the Cloud Mar 13, 2017

The Ultimate Network Security Checklist

The digital world our businesses live in has granted the speed and ease we expect in carrying out our day-to-day…
Protect Business Data Feb 27, 2017

Why Managed Security is Critical in 2017

In today’s rapidly growing world of information sharing and private data collection, protecting your business’s information is becoming more and…

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