The Importance of Backup

Oh the days when we would get our 35mm photos developed and printed. It would seem those days are fairly sparse at this point. […]

Locations? CenterGrid’s Data Center Has the Upper Hand

Hamilton, Ohio is an ideal location for a data center. Located in the heart of the Cincinnati-Dayton metroplex, the region is home to 15 […]

XP’s Life is Over, But Yours Doesn’t Have To Be

One of the most important things I’ll talk about is reducing your surface attack area in regards to cyber attacks. This means that every […]

Why Anti-Virus Isn’t Enough

Long ago, going out and downloading the latest Norton anti-virus was enough. Things were much simpler back then. Anti-virus companies wrote scanning and definition […]

Business in the Cloud – The New Normal

The crystal ball of information technology hasn’t always been clear, but we have been able to ascertain one very likely shift in the industry: […]

Top Ways The Cloud is Used to Transform Business

“It’s clear now that while organizations may have come to the cloud to reduce costs, it’s not why they stay. The true potential of […]

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