Brandon Hubbard of comSpark interviews Kevin Westendorf, CTO, CenterGrid

July 31, 2018

Brandon Hubbard: We’re here today with Kevin Westendorf with CenterGrid, a managed cloud provider in the city of Hamilton. My name is Brandon Hubbard. I’m a member of the ComSpark executive host committee and I’m with RDI and I will be your guest moderator today. So, let’s get started. Kevin, welcome.

Kevin Westendorf: Thank you.

BH: Is there anything that you want to say before we get into these questions? Any special fact or a hidden little gems that we need to know about you before we start really hearing from you.

KW: Well, hidden gems. The irony of my job at CenterGrid is that it’s the same location that I started my IT career in and I won’t say how many years ago that was. I started as a co-op out of the University of Dayton at Champion International, which is the previous location of where CenterGrid is today.

So, I was there for about three years and four co-op terms and then went to Accenture for 16 years and VMware for a couple more and now I’ve circled back and I’m going to work in the exact same spot where I started that career over many years ago. So, going back to my old digs a was a bit of an adjustment, but it’s been seven months now that I’ve been CTO at CenterGrid and I think I’m now used to it again.

BH: Great. And exactly come full circle. As you mentioned as chief technology officer and VP of technology at CenterGrid. I would like to say that you are going to be a great knowledge expert on the next few questions that we have for you. So, if you don’t mind, what is the cloud?

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