With VeeamON 2017 less than six months away, I want to share with you more of what we have in store during our biggest Availability conference. One of the most popular offerings in previous years was the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) training program offered prior to the conference.  This year we have made it even better. We’ll line up some of our best technical experts worldwide to provide a unique training experience. Our instructors will give you a technical deep dive in Veeam’s solutions and also share our latest technologies and releases.

For more information about the VMCE course at VeeamON 2017, I asked the program’s guru, Rasmus Haslund, to answer a few questions you most likely have in mind. Let’s see what he had to say:

Why should I get certified in the first place?

Attending the course and passing the exam unlocks the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification. Being a Veeam Certified Engineer allows you to request a not-for-resale Veeam Availability Suite license key, and you receive direct access to support for critical on-site issues by skipping the phone queue. Being certified, of course, also allows you to distinguish yourself from your peers, and Gold and Premier partners require this certification to hold onto their partnership level.

What are the advantages of taking the VMCE training at VeeamON?

The biggest advantage of attending the official VMCE course at VeeamON 2017 is that it comes at the lowest possible rate. You can purchase conference registration including VMCE training for only $1,699. This certification will fast track you to the necessary level of expertise to correctly deploy, configure and administer Veeam Availability Suite. Even experienced administrators and consultants will find there are many areas of the product that they can further explore and use in their daily operations.

What’s new in the VMCE program at VeeamON 2017?

New for 2017 is that both VMCE 9.5 standard and VMCE-Advanced: Design & Optimization classes will be offered. The VMCE-Advanced: Design & Optimization class is a new two-day offering from Veeam, which covers exactly how to size, design, optimize and troubleshoot using logs.

Also new is a partner-only VMCE class being held Sunday through Monday, so as not to interfere with Partner Day on Tuesday.

Lastly, this year we have added the ability to take the VMCE exams on site during the conference.  We are setting up an actual testing center on site, allowing you to take the certification test immediately following training.

Who is eligible to participate in the training?

All customers and partners are eligible to attend the training classes. For attending the VMCE 9.5 standard class, we do recommend a solid virtualization knowledge base – but this is not a requirement.

To attend the VMCE-Advanced: Design & Optimization class, it is a hard requirement to have already passed the VMCE certification exam.

What are the costs associated with the VMCE training and certification?

Whether you take the VMCE or VMCE-ADO, the price is $1,699 USD.  This price is training plus conference registration. If you have received a complimentary pass to VeeamON, you can add VMCE for $950. The training cannot be purchased separately.

Can I still attend the other sessions of the conference if I’m signing in for the VMCE training?

Yes! We planned the trainings so that they will run in advance of the conference and finish, at the latest, on May 15. This way, you will not miss any sessions during VeeamON 2017. By attending the VMCE training prior to the conference, you will also be better prepared to consume the sessions because you will be already ahead of the game.

Interested in becoming a Veeam Certified Engineer? Go to our website and register. Seats are limited!

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