GPU Accelerated Virtual Workstation

Regardless of where they are situated, thousands of creative and technical professionals need to be able to access high-performance applications and interact with large datasets without compromising their privacy.


Examples of industries leveraging cloud GPUs:


  • a cardiologist could provide a remote consultation at a conference while accessing high-quality images
  • a government agency could deliver immersive training experiences through simulation
  • R&D engineers could work on a new car design while ensuring intellectual property and proprietary designs remain secure in the data center as they collaborate with others in a client’s office to develop a new vehicle.

CenterGrid provides a powerful virtual workstation from the data center or cloud to any device, anyplace for those with complex, graphically intensive needs. A key advantage of our GPU solution is that it’s an effective, affordable, and secure alternative while avoiding direct competition with local graphics cards.

Do you have these challenges?

Virtual GPU Workstations can ease system workloads and boosts efficiency

Instead of maintaining individual workstations at every site where employees are located, IT managers can manage resources centrally. Depending on the demands of the business, the number of users can be scaled up or down.


Level Up Workload and Performance with virtual GPU Workstations


How GPU Accelerated Virtual Workstation Benefits Your Business

Here at CenterGrid, we have people you can call to get support and take care of your users to keep them productive, and our virtual workstations cost half as much as the big clouds. We have a sizable team of experts in web-scale design who help companies transition away from rendering on workstations and toward centralized rendering and publishing. For media workloads where clients are attempting to render 3D and publish it to the web, etc., our GPU hosting is an excellent option.

Quick predictions of market operations, earnings, and outcomes

With extensive open-source frameworks and constant access to data, you may build, train, and develop AI and machine learning models. Cloud GPUs have the high precision, scalability, and flexibility needed to finish developing large models in a short amount of time. This makes it easier for businesses to predict their operations, earnings, and market results.

Rapid deployment

Increase the efficiency of your infrastructure by quickly deploying use cases like texture mapping, video encoding, CAD drawings, etc., without taxing your computing resources. Cloud GPUs allow developers to take advantage of their rapid iteration feature with quick rendering processes, which saves time.

Thanks to cloud GPUs, users can make quick iterations while rendering is accelerated. You can save much time by completing a task that used to take hours or days in a matter of minutes. The increased productivity of your team will enable you to spend more time on innovation rather than rendering or computations.

Shortened computation period
When enhancing the screen resolution and applying special effects or filters to videos, a computer with a powerful GPU does these tasks significantly faster than one without one.

Your local resources can then be used for other things. Operations that would take eight to nine hours on a CPU can be finished in just eight to nine minutes when done on a GPU.

Take a look at some of the industries that are leveraging cloud GPUs:


Key Features of GPU Accelerated Virtual Workstation


Cloud Desktops are perfect for engineering, architecture, and Building Information Modeling. Our BIMCenter solution combines our Cloud Desktops with Compass for completely virtualized engineering and architecture workloads.

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Data fuels your business, but it probably isn't your business. Our BaaS toolset is the industry gold standard in data security. Customers gain the benefits of these complex and feature-rich tools without the pain of implementation or cost. We worry about your data backup and recovery, so you can keep your eye on the bottom line and get your IT staff back to driving your growth.

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