High-performance storage typically refers to storage systems that can handle a massive amount of data while providing fast and reliable access to that data. While Big Cloud storage has made significant strides in recent years, it still needs to match the performance of local, on-premise storage systems for certain workloads.

This is particularly true for applications that require extremely low latency or high-speed data transfers, such as real-time analytics or high-performance computing. These applications demand high-performance storage systems that can provide high throughput and low latency. These workloads are better suited for on-premises storage solutions that can be optimized for performance and scalability, rather than relying on the shared infrastructure of public storage.

Do you have these challenges?

Cost-effective High-performance Storage Solution

CenterGrid’s high-performance cloud storage solution eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure, reducing capital and operating costs. This scalable solution provides state-of-the-art security, including encryption, access controls, and backups to protect your intellectual property.


Conquer Your Business Challenges


Do More and Spend Less

To maintain your competitive edge, you will have to invest in high-performance data storage to keep up with the explosive demand for high-performance computing. When you use CenterGrid, you can store more with less and get better performance than ever before.

Reduced capital and running costs
With CenterGrid’s high-performance cloud storage solution, you  don’t need to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure.

Optimum performance
In the public cloud, you’re not likely to achieve “hero numbers” for storage performance since you’re sharing infrastructure with everyone else and probably not getting the full benefits.

  • High-performance storage combined with CenterGrid DaaS and Compass Cloud can eliminate the need for costly replication and syncing software. This puts an end to the added complexity of keeping a geographically distributed team working and coordinated.
  • All the work happens in one place, in the way the software usually expects it, rather than with additional layers of complexity.
  • Additionally, the dependence on end-user internet performance is also removed.

Reduced energy consumption and carbon emission
With consolidated data storage, there is no need for multiple servers, which reduces power consumption. Integrated with data compression and deduplication technologies, the amount of physical storage space required is also reduced, leading to a smaller data center carbon footprint.

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