How It Works

CenterGrid will conduct an assessment of a client’s common user profiles, current and future compute needs, and assemble a virtual workstation recommendation. Once the ‘gold image’ has been defined and created, our team of experts will configure the group policies, delivery pools, and remote access portal – followed by environment testing and production deployment of the solution.
CenterGrid’s ManagementCenter™ services are also available to monitor and maintain the virtual environment. We’ll schedule regular maintenance to address virtual desktop broker patches, catalog updates, and/or desktop image updates. All updates are subject to client validation and authorization prior to production release to ensure that full system control is in the client’s hands at all times.

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Benefits of Virtualized Desktop Environment

BIM Center™

CenterGrid has customized a virtual solution for engineering and architecture firms that utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) files. Three dimensional modeling applications, such as Revit by Autodesk, require high-end servers and workstations, high resolution graphics, high speed local networks, and ample storage space. BIMCenter™ centralizes these resources in a high-availability, high-performance data center and delivers the virtualized session to the end user as a monthly service. This approach allows firms to spend their capital on their business instead of computer equipment, utilize the power and scalability of server-grade infrastructure for daily work, and positions themselves for easy scalability, collaboration, and future growth.

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