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We are committed to excellence by providing continuous IT expertise, guidance, and problem solving that ensures our customers enjoy a competitive advantage that enables them to succeed and scale effectively into the future.

Pay As You Go Cloud

Compass PAYG services are a match when your applications have predictable resource needs, and you need a predictable monthly cost. Choose from a catalogue of pre-configured virtual machine types in the quantities you need. Pair with our Managed Services for full OS management.

Virtual Private Cloud

Compass VPC services are a match when your applications need to be able to flex resources up and down at your command. Build as many or as few VMs in your Virtual Private Cloud as you want, whenever you want, at the size you need. The controls are in your hands.

Dedicated Host Cloud

Compass Dedicated Hosts are a match when your organization requires physical isolation of your environment. Get the separation you require with the full infrastructure management you need at a monthly price. It’s the perfect compromise. Say goodbye to hardware refresh projects forever.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (Draas)

Protect your business from a disaster with CenterGrid DRaaS. Inexpensive and easy. We provide DR services for applications in our data centers or yours. Stop putting it off and sleep better at night.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Compass PAYG services are a match when your applications have predictable resource needs, and you need a predictable monthly cost. Choose from a catalog of pre-configured virtual machine types in the quantities you need. Pair with our Managed Services for full OS management.

Managed Network Security

Ideal for growing and/or geographically distributed businesses that wish to securely streamline systems management, reduce overhead, and automate IT operations.

Recovery Center (Baas)

Focus on your business, not your backups with a highly performant, fully-managed service utilizing the best-in-class solution.

Service Desk

White-glove service delivery – our team provides personal, experienced Service Delivery Managers as your dedicated single point of contact. They are interested in learning your business and helping you get the most value from our services. It’s a human to help your business succeed, not a self-service, techies-only web page to lead you off a cliff.

Managed Network Security

Your network never rests and neither do we. Our NOC provides 24×7 monitoring and escalation for a host of services from firewalls, antivirus, to email. Additionally, we consult on next-generation solutions to meet the changing needs of clients.

Virtual Private Cloud

As 81% of enterprises embrace a multi-cloud strategy, it becomes critical that data and applications are always available across all
cloud types including private, public, and hybrid clouds to meet the innovation and competitive demands of your business.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (Draas)

CenterGrid’s RecoveryCenter® provides seamless backup and easy restoration of files, databases, and entire server configurations by utilizing encrypted cloud and on-premise services. Quick and confident data restoration in case of a successful attack is critical to a robust security solution.

Data Security Audit

Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service along with Managed Detection & Response (MD&R) provides centralized monitoring capabilities to detect, identify, and respond to security incidents that may impact the organization’s infrastructure, services, and customers.

3 Reasons

Why CenterGrid Services

Trusted Problem Solver & Partner

We act as a trusted adviser to our customers, helping them solve their challenges to achieve their IT outcomes. We know a lot because we've seen a lot! We've saved a number of enterprises from catastrophic problems with malware, deleted data, and unauthorized access.

24x7 Personalized Support

We provide 24x7x365 personalized support to our customers and will never point them to a web page to figure it out on their own. We're always just a phone call or email away. From our sales team, to our skilled engineers, to your dedicated service delivery manager, to our 24x7 Service Desk. We're full service, not self-service.

Focus On Midsize US Enterprises

Data fuels your business, but it probably ISN'T your business. Our BaaS toolset is the industry Gold standard in data security. Customers gain the benefits of these complex and feature-rich tools without the pain of implementation or cost to purchase. CenterGrid will worry about your data backup and recovery, so you can keep your eye on the bottom line and get your IT staff back to the applications that drive your growth.

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