About The Customer

Creating a Community Where Every Animal Matters

SPCA Tampa Bay, a charitable organization founded in 1940, takes in dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotic animals, wildlife and livestock like goats and pigs at its shelter in Largo, FL. Animals receive immunizations, medical care, behavior training, enrichment, and loving care while they live at the shelter. Thousands of animals are cared for each year on their way to a new home or released back into their native habitat. The SPCA Tampa Bay Veterinary Center in St. Petersburg provides a lifetime of care to pets throughout Pinellas County, serving more than 20,000 clients since it opened in 2016.

The Challenge

Transforming Lives with Essential IT

SPCA Tampa Bay realized, as many organizations do, that its business needs IT, but its work cannot be consumed by IT. As SPCA Tampa Bay continues to grow and expand, IT must grow and expand with it, yet not overwhelm it. Without strong IT support, maintaining servers, applications, networks, and desktops can be all-consuming to a business that cannot ever lose sight of its mission.

The SPCA was struggling to provide support for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other PC applications for 100 employees across two campuses 12 miles apart, all while maintaining and endlessly refreshing end-user laptop, desktop, and kiosk hardware in a cost-effective manner. Critical applications supporting its donor database, shelter animal management system and veterinary client records required varying types of IT infrastructure, frustrating users, and complicating technical support. Hardware requirements grew as the needs of the organization grew. Purchasing and maintaining server and network hardware became increasingly more costly.

These are large expenses for any midsize enterprise, but especially for a non-profit like an animal welfare organization.

The CenterGrid Solution

CenterGrid worked directly in partnership with SPCA Tampa Bay to document their pain points in providing IT to their employees, customers, and donors. The leadership team wanted IT outcomes that would let them focus their time and money where it belongs: on delivering the SPCA’s mission to the community. It was determined that moving their business applications to the CenterGrid Compass cloud solution was the right answer. A very cost-effective way to remove the burden of server and network maintenance and expense, this solution would also improve service reliability and security for the organization.

To reduce the budget required for PC hardware and maintenance, SPCA users were migrated from PCs running Windows 10 to virtual desktops running Windows 10 in the CenterGrid Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) cloud solution. These desktops are always available, always secured and patched up-to-date by CenterGrid, while providing lightning-fast access to the business applications hosted for SPCA Tampa Bay in the Compass cloud infrastructure in the same data center. Replacing PCs with Google Chromebook computers offered a low-cost, low-maintenance, flexible alternative for SPCA users while still providing the familiar Windows 10 experience.


Business applications are more secure, available 24x7 and run faster than ever. No more servers or network hardware will need to be purchased, allowing a significant percentage of the IT budget to be redirected to higher value support and services. Replacing PCs with new Chromebooks has cost 50% less than buying new PCs, all while using CenterGrid services to support them more efficiently and in a more scalable way as they grow.

Users are delighted by the secure accessibility to their digital workspace from virtually any location, on any PC or tablet. Doctors can check a patient’s lab results and administrative staff can process donation records from home. A former server room was emptied out to make office space for new employees. The transformation was smooth and virtually pain-free, according to their CEO.

With CenterGrid’s expertise, SPCA Tampa Bay can keep its focus squarely on service to animals and the people who love them in Tampa Bay, without getting sidetracked by the IT needed to provide it.

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