CenterGrid’s RecoveryCenter® provides seamless backup and easy restoration of files, databases, and entire server configurations by utilizing encrypted cloud and on-premise services. Quick and confident data restoration in case of a successful attack is critical to a robust security solution.

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Managed SIEM / MD&R

Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service along with Managed Detection & Response (MD&R) provides centralized monitoring capabilities to detect, identify, and respond to security incidents that may impact the organization’s infrastructure, services, and customers.

It aims to detect and contain attacks and intrusions in the shortest possible timeframe, limiting the potential impact and/or damage that an incident may have.

If an organization can halt an attack in action, it already has saved time, money, possibly data exfiltration and brand reputation damages that may have been endured depending on the extent of the attack.

Managed Network Security

Your network never rests and neither do we. Our NOC provides 24x7 monitoring and escalation for a host of services from firewalls, antivirus, to email. Additionally, we consult on next-generation solutions to meet the changing needs of clients.

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